Sunday, February 20, 2011

Serial Jack Kilborn & Blake Crouch

Again, love the cover art...

Serial is a short written by two authors, Jack Kilborn & Blake Crouch. They each wrote about a serial killer then have the characters meet each other and do what they do best.

But they have each met their match and the results are invigorating.

Read it to find out what happens!

Beat the Reaper, Josh Bazell

I have to be honest, the first thing that drew me to this book was the cover
art. This happens sometimes & isn't always the best way to choose a novel!

However, I found this a fun read. The concept of a mob killer in witness protection, as a doctor was pretty amusing.

I liked the tough language (surprise...) coming from this supposed medical
professional. While I enjoyed this I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The flavor isn't for everyone plus it wasn't what I would call"stellar".

Fun, amusing, yes. Stellar, no.

Mudbound, Hillary Jordan

A friend lent me this novel though my new Nook color. Oh, what fun is this? Lots, I'll say!
The story, on the other hand, was moving, a little sad, a little disturbing.
This strong woman, forced to move to the country when her husband decides he wants to be a farmer, is alone & lonely. She has to work hard without any support and isolated for civilization during the Mudbound years.
Trouble ensues, mistakes are made and lives are changed. I cheered parts that inevitably changed the lives the most, I hurt for those stuck on the edges, those that could be hurt the most.

Faithful Place, Tana French

Another highly enjoyable thriller from Tana French!
The women in one of my book clubs are not fond of In The Wood by Ms. French, I don't know of one member who is giving it a good review. This makes me question what I am missing... :)
I still love, love, love Tana French. I love the Gothic, kinda f-ed up Irish drama and the layers upon layers of stories in her novels. I don't mind "figuring" out who done it mid way through the novel, you never really know who did it until the end anyway. I love the rich layers to the characters and how she uses characters from one novel to the next.
Maybe I've never read any strong mystery writers, it's never been my forte, I can't say I've ever read Dean Koontz, James Patterson or even Agatha Christie. Shoot, Rick Castle I only know about because of the TV show (which I do enjoy).
I still maintain the warm fuzzies for Tana French, the layers & Irish Gothic, the characters & their drama grab me every time and have me zooming through her stories in no time.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Aaarrrggghhhhh! I have three reviews to write & time is soooo tight! They are for Mudbound, Beat the Reaper & Faithful Place. I'll get there...