Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dead and Gone

This may be my favorite, yet! The romance with Sookie and Eric is on, hot & steamy! My favorite part & I think I have been reading 8 books to get here! Yum.
There are so many layers of drama I love it! A multi-layered Sookie novel! There are troubles with the Were's, the vamps, the FBI and the Faes. I almost had trouble keeping it all straight.
I have to say this one, above all the others, was very difficult to put down & when I finished it was all I could do to get the next one. T would be amazed!

From Dead to Worse

The drama continues. So Sookie is now recovering from her most taxing events yet. Hurricane Katrina, the disaster at the vampire summit, her boyfriend Quinn(rawrrr) is missing & she finds out she is part fairy. Because her grandmother, yea her, had an affair with a half fairy. Oops.
It continues with family drama, her brothers wife is a whore, Vampire drama, another crew wants to come in & take over (but will they? check it out!)
Sookie draws me in again, bitter sweet.

Little Bee

I really, really liked this novel. It moved me to tears as well as laughter. The story of the treatment of the African people by their own people was heart wrenching.

If you don't know it, I love character driven novels. I enjoy reading the depths of personality in characters and enjoy how this moves me emotionally. Little Bee moved me a great deal. I could relate to the working woman, driven to advance her career; the wife that is struggling to balance career and family life; and the mother that is raising a delightful male child. I could also relate to Little Bee, with her wisdom and calm. Unlike most of us in this country she was strangely at ease in her elements, focusing on what she could change and sometimes this was only her life or death.

I understand why I have read online that people are concerned about spoiling this novel. I, too, will choose not to spoil it by not revealing too much.

But read it. Read it and weep, read it and laugh, then sit still for a few moments letting it all sink in.