Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dead again.

I have another review to write beford this one but I wrote this one first so here goes. My latest read in The Southern Vampire Series/Sookie Stackhouse books was Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris. I have trouble with these but I still keep on reading them. I think because they are fun & quirky & easy reads. The stories are crazy & there's something new every time. With that said, I STILL don't understand what all these supernatural dudes see in Sookie Stackhouse. I can acknowledge that my opinion is influenced by Anna Paquin and the other characters from True Blood. I can't read the books without seeing Anna Paquin etc. & I'm not sure I like some of the actors/actresses in their roles.

But back to my issues with these dudes craving some Sookie. There's a very powerful Werewolf, a Lead WerePanther, the Sheriff of Area 5 Vampire, an everyday shifter, and Bill, the very old & powerful vampire...all craving Sookie. I don't get it. Someone please help me, she's just a somewhat ordinary southern girl with a little power & these men HAVE to have her. What's it all about?

Back to the main part of this review... In this story I loved Eric without a memory & I really loved Sookie & Eric without a memory hooking up. So sensitive & caring, Eric. Yum! Bill's arrival back from Peru was a surprise that drew my interest & had me exclaim out loud, even though it was a bit anticlimatic since Bill never confronted Sookie with her relationship with Eric. In this story as in the others I was bored with the continued references to information previously mentioned in the other books or previously in this story. Charlaine could really tone this down. There was a bit of predictability to the story as well & this tends to frustrate me.

In end, it looks as if I'm going to keep reading this series for whatever reason, so it continues to hold my interest but there are these things that get on my darn take that with you & try the stories out for yourselves. You may have a better or worse experience than I.

Delicate flowers

Ahhhh, It's been a little while & I have a few posts to write. This last read was Peony in Love by Lisa See. Lately I've been finding reads that pull me right in and make me feel a part of the story and this on is no exception. I felt I was in China and the afterworld with Peony, in her struggle to grow and be the woman she was meant to be. I learned a bit about ancient China and the expectations of women in the world that Peony lived.

There were unforseen twists and unexpected surprises, I always love this.

This, my first read by Lisa See has opened up a new world and a new curiousity for me. It led me to research bound feet and created pictures in my mind that I won't forget for a long time.

Reading this was like sitting in front of and reviewing a beautiful Chinese painting for a few hours. Your eye following the story on the painting around and around because you can't seem to take it all in and you keep finding little gems for your eye to follow.