Monday, June 22, 2009


So I'm on to Suzette's granddaughter, a free person of color living with a white man after the Civil War, still in the Cane River area of Louisiana. I have fallen in love with Suzette's daughter Philomene & now her granddaughter.

Something that gets me about so many of the narratives for this era is the rape of the slave women. I know it happened & this always makes me wonder what kind of man wants to have sex with someone that lays for him, barely responding. These actions are so degrading to himself and to his chosen victim it just doesn't seem enjoyabe or worth it to me

I have a book called American Pictures by Jacob Holdt, which documents the South from 1971 - 1976. The author traveled and slept where he was offered a room. Sometimes he slept at the homes of poor blacks, sometimes rich whites. He wrote something along the lines of seeing lasting affects of the master/slave mentality. The whites that had financially successful lives often had serious family & alcohol problems. The blacks were often times poor, living in squander, seeming unable to care for themselves or rise above any poverty that they lived in. I think of this often when faced with narrow thinkers. Sometimes those of us "with" have really no idea what it is like to be without.